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About me

I am a post-doctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Medical Image Computing, working on software development for surgical guidance in minimally invasive surgery. I previously obtained a PhD from the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, focussing around appearance modelling for minimally invasive surgery.


SmartLiver: Image guidance for minimally invasive liver resection

This project develops a guidance system for actual use in surgery. I am developing software for image processing, live video streaming, visualisation, high-performance computing, and general architecture.

ARAKNES: Array of robots augmenting the kinematics of endoluminal surgery

I am working on software integration and realtime video processing.

PASSPORT: Patient specific simulation and preoperative realistic training for liver surgery

This project focussed on liver modelling for tumour resection. It investigated on growth modelling, resection simulation, virtual training and biomedical simulation. I was working on texture map generation/synthesis for virtual organ models.

RT-ISIS: Realtime in situ in vivo surgical sensing and imaging

I was working on video mosaicking to expand the narrow field of view of endoscopic cameras.